Prime Yield’s range of activity in terms of valuations includes:

Tangible Asset Valuations, including:

  • rural and urban properties such as land, buildings, apartments, townhouses, shopping centres, etc.
  • movable assets such as machinery and equipments, furniture, tecnological equipments, etc.

Intangible Asset Valuations, including brand, patent, know-how, professionals, technology, and others.

Asset Physical Inventory – reconciling physical existence and position of accounting fixed assets.

Organization of fixed assets, including listing and asset allocation by cost/risk, in case og insurance.

Compliance with current accounting standards (CPC – Comitê de Pronunciamentos Contábeis), for example:

  • checking market values of fixed assets in rlation to residual accounting values
  • checking fixed assets lifespan and residual value

Backing Due Dilligence services (valuations of assets/ analysing fixed assets – values and stock)

Valuation of Assets suporting economic and finacial assessments – Avaliação de bens para (sale, acquisition, merger, etc)

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