Prime Yield updates research “NPL in Brazil: The Next (emerging) Hot Market!”

Prime Yield has just launched the Autumn update of this research focused on Non-Performing Loans (NPL) sales in Brazil.

The report was presented, first hand, in London during the “NPL Europe – Autumn Conference 2018”, the most important European event about Non-Performing Loans. José Antonio Santos, Director of Prime Yield Brazil, participated in the conference, contributing for the panel focused on the emerging markets.

According to the report, NPL in Brazil are an increasingly attractive market for international investors and, at the same time, Banks in Brazil are now more open to sell NPL portfolios. As demand and supply are lining up and Economy, even if not expanding rapidly, is recovering, this opens very robust prospects for NPL transactions over the next two years in the country. In 2018, alone, the trade of NPL is expected to hit between R$36-50 billion.

“NPL in Brazil: The Next (emerging) Hot Market!” focuses on the potential of NPL’s transaction, also presenting the latest KPI’s on the Brazilian NPL market, Economic and property market fundamentals. The update of the report focused in Portugal- “Investing in NPL in Portugal: The Time is Now”- was also released.

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NPL in Brazil: the next (emerging) hot market! – Autumn Update
Investing in NPL in Portugal: The Time is Now! – Autumn Update

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