Prime Yield presents the 2020 Spring edition of its research on NPL in Europe and Latin America

Prime Yield has just presented the 2020 Spring edition of “Keep an Eye on the NPL & REO Markets”, a research focused on the NPL & REO trading potential in Portugal, Spain, Greece and Brazil, markets where the company operates and is fully active.

As players all over the world are targeting these distressed assets as interesting investment opportunities, Prime Yield presents a research that provides close and specific insights over the status and deal potential in each one of these markets, aware that they are at different stages and have the potential to generate different opportunities fitting different risk profiles. The report thus aims to provide a useful tool to all players looking to be on top of the game in the competitive NPL market. The 2020 Spring Edition gives an update on the NPL status and deal potential for Portugal, Spain and Greece, as well as for Brazil, also including a look over each country’s Economy and Real Estate market.

This new edition of the research was released, first hand, on the leading European NPL event, the NPL Europe Conference. Organized by Smith Novak and held on March 5th and 6th, this event took place in London. Represented by Nelson Rêgo, the company’s CEO, Prime Yield was one of the speakers in the event.

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