From the very outset, company’s communication policies are based in disclosing information to the market, thus releasing Research Reports on a regular basis. We’ve adopted a one-to-one marketing strategy, based on which we focus on a direct contact with our clients.


Prime Yield produces “PRIME NEWS”, a newsletter that, every year, provides the market information about the company, research developed on the countries where it operates, significant services provided and completed, market reports carried out and all important events that took place during that year.

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NPL Europe 2018 – Autumn Conference”, 13-14th September 2018

The company integrated the debates focused on Portugal and Brazil during the “NPL Europe 2018 – Autumn Conference”, held in London in 13-14th September, and released the Autumn updates of its NPL researches for Portugal and Brazil.

NPL Europe 2018 – Autumn Conference

This was the 8th edition of the leading Pan-European event for the Non-Performing Loans (NPL) market, in which Prime Yield participated on the Portuguese market session and on the one focused in emerging markets (including Brazil). Nelson Rêgo, CEO of Prime Yield, has integrated the Portugal session, that took place in Day 1, 15h45 pm. As for the panel dedicated to Brazil, which took place also in Day 1 (12h15 pm), Prime Yield was represented by José Antonio Santos, Managing Director for Brazil. Prime Yield also released, first hand in this event, its Autumn updates on the recent researches developed about NPL markets in Portugal and Brazil, which are focused on the key data and transaction potential for 2018 and 2019 in both countries.

Conference “Opportunities for Investments in Portugal – 360 Degrees”, held in São Paulo, 6 June 2018

Portuguese property market presented by Prime Yield at an event in Brazil, at the headquarters of Riviera Investimentos. The presentation of Prime Yield, by Nelson Rêgo, CEO of the company, approached the residential market in Lisbon and Cascais, mainly focusing on prices (per sq.m) and their evolution, will be the central theme of this communication.

Oportunidades de Investimentos em Portugal – 360 Graus

Conference Prime Yield, SIL 2011, Lisbon
Invest in Brazil – The opportunity is now”

13 October 2011

Hosted by property magazine Vida Imobiliária, this conference gathered more than 150 attendees in Pavilhão Multiusos at Lisbon Trade Fair, being this an event integrated in Portugal property fair (Salão Imobiliário de Portugal).

Sponsored by Consultan, Miranda Correia Amendoeira & Associados, Machado Meyer, Openbook and Prime Yield, and with institutional partners such as APEMIP, SECOVI and SIL, the event showcased Brazilian most important drivers,both in terms of property and economics and demographics. Also, te conference debated the main challenges and opportunities of investing in Brazil.

Brazilian market is currently being targeted by Portuguese players as one of the most important international business destination. Prime Yield presented the company’s own experience in Brazil.

Conference Prime Yield in Brazil
Property Investment and Valuations.
The European experience and the Brazilian reality.

26 November 2010

To mark the company’s entry in Brazil, Prime Yield hosted this conference, an event that aimed bridging the European best pratices in property valuations and the Brazilian reality.

Prime Yield. We Value your Future. RICS